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The world became a small area by the means of the technology. In order to enable us to compete at the satisfactory levels within...


We are on the brink of new era in the industry. An era of new business models as companies take advantage of new technologies...

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Fleets’ and Insurers’ visions of the future must include more fluid, agile organizations with robust core software, analytics...
  • “I am dividing our aftersales department to two as before OPTİMUM and after OPTİMUM. Along with the solutions provided to us by OPTİMUM, we gained an efficiency with a big impact both at our work processes and at our cost structures.”

    Can TEOMAN
    Board Chairman of BEYAZ FİLO

  • “We have gained very important efficiency by OPTİMUM’s Solutions.We have become more active and efficient at managing our business through OPTİMUM’s important contribution to our business processes. These all resulted to decrease our operational and head count costs. Most importantly , we have gained a better customer satisfaction by shorter- efficient work processes.”

    Hakkı URFA
    Operation Director of BEYAZ FİLO

  • “We are performing our complete accident management and related spare parts procurement management by using OPTİMUM Accident Management and Parts Procurement Software . We have not faced any problems during our complete process. OPTİMUM employees are next to us whenever we need them.”

    DRD Filo Kiralama – Manager / After Sales Services-Damage

  • “We have become more effective while minimising our costs at our accident management operations  by the help of  innovative and flexible solutions of OPTİMUM.
    After collaborating with OPTİMUM’ specialist team,  we extended our ability of focusing on customer satisfaction.”

    Erinç YILDIZ
    ALD Automotive - Operations Manager

  • “Generally, there are ‘’software developers who does not understand the real business processes’’ or ‘’there are people who create businesses but not understand from software ’’. There is a software integrated to real business environment at OPTİMUM solution’s backround. I believe this is OPTİMUM’s first secret of success.OPTİMUM serves innovated products that are entegrated to our work processes and our ERP which I think as OPTİMUM’s second secret of success.
    OPTİMUM is very successfull at providing data entegration and infrastructure to achieve efficient business processes. Most Importantly, OPTİMUM does not ask any value before providing solutions and added values.”

    DRD Filo Kiralama- Managing Director

  • “The key to OPTIMUM’s success, instead of providing a standard product and expecting you to adapt your processes, is to actively listen to you, analyze your necessities and provide a completely customized product that covers even the most extreme conditions. Successful results are inevitable when this professional approach is involved.”

    Aşkın ALTINCI
    DRD Filo Kiralama – Director / After Sales Services